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Golf/Vanilla Set

🏌Our complete set consists of a Herb Grinder Golf Ball, Stash Ball and T-Tube. Can’t decide which item to buy? Get all 3 at a discount and make your favorite golfer smile.

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Golf Ball Herb Grinder – Golf ball inspired by vanilla grinder. Durable, discreet, and fun tool to show off in lessons!

Herb Golf Stash Ball – Hollow Stash Ball, keeping your stash safe with a magnetic clasp. *DO NOT USE for an actual ball while playing.

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Golf Tee Pipe – Golf Tee One-Hitter Pipe. Discreet and easy to use. Get the whole pack for optimal use on the greens! *DO NOT USE for an actual tee when playing, we cannot guarantee it can withhold the power of a driver.

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🎁A great gift for the golfer who loves. Durable, and a guaranteed good time.

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